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Mujeres jóvenes y Dispositivos


If you are reading this, your child may be one of those 92% of students who do not know what to study.


Did you know that the way in which students decide to study ends with 47% dropping out of college and 19% doing so in the first year? Who is responsible for that terrible dropout rate, only the student?


How many orientation meetings at school have you participated in?


Our experience of more than 30,000 orientations has taught us that the decision of what to study is not something that your child should decide alone when he / she is only 15 years old, but that it must be a family plan, where you, the parents, are present in making decisions. There is nothing more important to a father than to secure the future of his child.


The school that your child goes to, which surely applies the same orientation system throughout his life, will seek to make him end up choosing a bachelor modality according to his academic record. He's good at math, getting him to do a tech bachelor. Is it that easy?


Deciding on a bachelor entails deciding on electives that are weighted in the selectivity, for some degrees and not for others, and this can mean that you do not get a sufficient grade for access to university, and you are left out of the university career you would like to do.


Studies are a bridge to the profession.

Your child is not just choosing what to study, but what a very important part of his life will dedicate professionally to. If you choose to study law, you are choosing to be a lawyer.





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