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Thinking out of the box

The Zeno Quantum advisory committee is made up of a group of experts who allow the company to obtain advice on aspects related to the purpose, the value proposition and future business challenges.


The committee is built with the idea of obtaining advice from professionals from other sectors who are not  conditioned to the internal knowledge of Zeno Quantum and that allows us to have a different vision of the same landscape. All of them  promoted from a “Thinking out the box” context


Obtain knowledge of solutions that are being handled in other business areas and that can allow solving company challenges in an innovative and disruptive way.

Our Advisory Committee

Judith Hidalgo

Director of Andorra Business

Graduated in Economic Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has more than 20 years of experience in offices promoting international trade and investment. Since October 2017, she is the director of Actúa Empresa / Invest in Andorra, the economic promotion agency of the Andorran Government.

Previously, he headed the Internationalization and Investments Unit of ACCIÓ, the agency for the competitiveness of companies in the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia. This entity, among other functions, is responsible for promoting internationalization and business innovation in Catalonia.

From 2004 to early 2015, she was the director of the Office of Commerce and Investments of the Government of Catalonia in Sydney, promoting business opportunities in Australian and New Zealand markets.

Previously, she worked as a consultant in the commercial office of the Canadian Consulate in Barcelona, ​​identifying opportunities to introduce Canadian products and services. In 2001, she held the position of deputy director of exports for Natura Bissé.

She has also been director of the Office of Commerce and Investments of the Government of Catalonia in London from 1998 to 2001, a period that gave her a deep understanding of the markets, culture and the way of doing business in Anglo-Saxon markets.

She began her professional career in 1996 as a consultant at ACCIÓ's headquarters in Barcelona.

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Clara Pintat Rossell

General Director of Agora International School Andorra

Degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Friborg (Switzerland) with a mention "Cum Laude" (1995). Master's in European Economic Studies (MEEE) at the Collège d'Europe (Bruges) in 1998. Interuniversity Master's degree  in Business Administration and Management (MBA) at the University of Andorra (2001).

From 1996 to 1997 he worked at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva in promoting trade in developing countries.  

From 1999 to 2000 she has been an economic advisor to the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Andorra.

Legislature 2001 - 2005 General Councilor in the Parliament of Andorra. President of the Andorran Delegation of the Consell d'Europa  

From 2001 to the present Founder and General Director of Kids Services. Exclusive Kids & Us franchise for Andorra.

Currently and since 2018 it is  the General Director of Agora International School Andorra.

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Foto CristinaOGA.JPG

Cristina Ortiz de Guinea Ayala

Pedagogical Responsible of the Ownership Team of the Amigonian Schools

Graduated in Psychology and Master in Psychotherapy Interventions from the University of Salamanca. International Executive Coaching Program from La Salle University. FranklinCovey Education's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Facilitator, Forging Leaders.

In 1994 she began her career in the world of education as a counselor in the Educational and Psychopedagogical Guidance Team of Miranda de Ebro, head of the Orientation Department of the I. E.S. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, trainer in Psychogeriatrics, Assistant in Gerontology and Geriatric and Gerontological Care, teacher of different subjects related to Psychology at the I.E.S. Gregorio Fernández.

Subsequently, responsible for training in educational centers in Santillana en Red, of the PRISA Group and pedagogical advisor in the Edelvives group and in Snappet S.L.

Since 2000 she has been related to the world of consulting and training, having worked in the Make a Team team for five years as a senior consultant-trainer and later, collaborating in this same sense, with the Institute of Business Communication and Ethics Consultants .

She is currently the pedagogical manager in the Ownership Team of the Amigonianos schools.

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Christian Fernandez-Gonzalez

Director of People and Culture at Andorra Telecom

Graduated from DUT Gestion des Entreprises et Administrations from the Université Paul Sabatier (Tolouse III). Postgraduate in HR at the URV. Master in Human Resources Management at EADA. Executive MBA at EADA. Executive Master Marketing & Sales at EADA. PDD at IESE Business School.

From 2003 to 2008 Director of Human Resources at Andorra Telecom.

From 2008 to 2014 Director of Business Development and HR; and  from 2014 to 2015 Deputy General Director at Caldea.

He is currently the Director of People and Culture of Andorra Telecom. 

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Foto Tomas Cabello.jpg

Tomas Cabello Diez

General Director of the Fundació Llor

Master and Bachelor of Education Sciences from Blanquerna and Ramon Llull University respectively. Master in Business Administration from the Universidad de la Salle. Master in Project Manager by the URL Director of the Fundación Llor ( He was a member of the Quality Committee of the Faculties of Education Sciences, Psychology, Physical Activity Sciences and Sports of the URL and Teaching in Blanquerna (2011-2017) and, currently, Vice-president of the Association of Vincula Schools. He is an Executive Coach for the European School of Coaching.

His interest is linked to the dynamization of educational teams and to promote innovative projects and methodologies that address the diversity of talents in the teaching-learning process and the acquisition of cultures such as the "maker" and learning by doing with the collaboration of sectors of the environment. schools such as Universities, Hospitals and Companies, among others.

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Foto David Hidalgo.jpg

David Hidalgo Villa

CEO of Grandvalira

Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from UPF (1994). MBA at ESADE (2000). MBA Intl from the Schulich School of Business of Toronto- Canada (2000). PDG by IESE Business School (2011).

Since 1995  In 1999 he was Financial Controller at AVIVA, becoming Financial Manager in 1999.

In 2000 he joined Ensisa as Director of Corporate Services and since 2017 is the General Director.

At the same time, since 2017 he has been a professor of Sports Facilities Management at the Barcelona School of Management - UPF and a professor of Sports Event Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute (UAB).

Member of the CEA board. Vice President of SkiAndorra, President of Andorra Esports Cluster and Member of the FIS World Cup Committee

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M. Carmen Muñoz Galceran

General Director of Colegio Helios

Degree in Psychology and Degree in Education Sciences from the University of Valencia.

Master in Psychopedagogical Intervention by Invesco;

Postgraduate degree in managerial training from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Specialized training in academic and professional guidance. Specific training in  Educational marketing. 

Founding Partner of the Helios de L'Eliana School (Valencia)

From 1986 to the present, Director  from the Guidance department of the school. Director of Secondary and Baccalaureate from 1989 to 2002 and currently Director General of the Helios school.

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Foto Jordi Viladrosa.png

Jordi Viladrosa Clua

Publications coordinator at Impuls Educació

Doctor from the International University of Catalonia in Human, Social and Legal Sciences and a degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He is also a teacher of the specialty of philology from the University of Lleida and a Master's degree in Direction and management of educational centers from the University of Barcelona. He is currently part of the team at the Impuls Educació study center of the Institució Familiar d'Educació where he is  publications coordinator.  He is also a teacher of Catalan language and of psychology and sociology in secondary and high school, as well as an academic and professional advisor in ESO and Baccalaureate.
He is interested in the evaluation of educational centers and secondary school teachers, the area in which his doctoral thesis focused: "Proposal of a polyhedral instrument for the evaluation of the teaching function of secondary school teachers".
The Catalan Parliament appointed him a member of the Programming and Content Advisory Council of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA) (2012-2019). He has been a member of the governing board of the Col·legi de Pedagogs de Catalunya (2014-2018). He has published articles in various magazines and media.

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Josep Forto Areny

Director of the Center for Business and Technological Studies of the University of Andorra

Graduated in Mathematics in 1989 from the University of Montpelier 2. Postgraduate in  Financial instruments (UOC), Postgraduate degree in financial markets (UOC- Barcelona Stock Exchange). In 2005 Diploma in Business Science from the UOC and Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Andorra (UdA). In 2007 Degree in Business Administration and Management from the UdA and in 2017 Doctor from the UdA.

Since 2017 he is Director of the Center for Business and Technological Studies of the University of Andorra. Previously coordinator of business and tourism studies at the UdA (2015-2017), Coordinator at the University of Andorra of the European Transversalis project.

Since 2008, creator member of the Financial Economics Research Group of the UdA. 

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Foto Aida Delgado.jpg

Aida Delgado Lopez

Auditor at Ernst & Young

Degree in Business Management from ESADE Business School (2020) and member  of the EsTalent association. Exchange program in Shanghai, Zhejiang University (2019).

From  2017 to 2018  member  of the finance and marketing departments at Aim Solo.

During 2019 participate  in sales and marketing departments of three Spanish fashion firms: Serendipity Intimates, Coral Simanovich Collection and Loewe.

From January to July 2020, the internship program was carried out at Banco Sabadell Consulting.

Currently  Junior Consultant at Ernst & Young

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foto Miguel Angel.jpg

Miguel Angel Reguero

Managing Director Mipama

Graduated in Teaching in 1992, at the Don Bosco University Center, his entire professional life has been linked to the Educational sector and more specifically in the K12 education sector, where he has developed a large part of his professional life in areas such as editorial, pedagogical and technological.
He has worked in companies such as EDELVIVES, ZENO QUANTUM and SAFEKAT and is currently collaborating professionally with GRUPO SCIENTIA SCHOOL, where companies such as ECREATUS and IEDUCANDO are located.
He currently participates in the design of the business development and expansion strategy, marketing and, above all, in the commercial sales plan of all his projects, all of them closely related to the educational sector, both school and university, as well as supervising commercial teams and coordinating events.

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