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MeOrienta project


We have been working in research, science and technology for more than 12 years to propose innovative orientation solutions and alternatives to the traditional test.

We combine R&D&I work in which entities, groups and educational centers from many countries collaborate with the most advanced technology of the moment. Our platform works through pattern analysis, algorithms and generative artificial intelligence.

This allows us to have MeOrienta today, the most disruptive, innovative and transversal program in the field of orientation, which works in 3 fundamental areas:


  • School: Allows the school to have a program that helps it differentiate itself from its competitors. It empowers its teaching teams and brings disruptive decision-making tools to its students and families.

  • Orientators and tutors: Allows counselors and tutors to create their customized orientation program, according to the time they have available. They can train in strategic orientation to acquire transversal knowledge that allows them to know the entire journey that their students must take until reaching the professional field. They can train in international orientation to guide and help their students decide between 20 countries. They make the MeOrienta platform available to their students, which allows them to provide personalized orientation among different options.

  • Students and families: In just 5 sessions they anticipate their future academic performance, know their talent and strengths, know in which fields and professions they fit best and can know where to study in Spain and 20 other countries.


The sessions can be done during tutoring hours led by your counselor or tutor. They can also do some in class and others at home guided by Ta'La, their virtual Generative Artificial Intelligence co-pilot, connected to ChatGPT, and which allows you to answer any type of student question.


You can join the MeOrienta community of schools

Request more information at or request a personalized meeting so we can explain more details

Programs for individuals

From our MeOrienta brand we serve private students in 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd year of high school.

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