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What to study

Our orientation processes are based on a “blended” model, which unites people and advanced technology, and where an expert orientation consultant will help you in making decisions. Parents and your child will participate in this decision making, advised by your consultant.


The work is based on the conviction that each person is unique and that each one has a talent and strengths that allow them to do some things better than others. It is what we call: professional DNA.


Your child's DNA has a better fit with some professions than with others, so we will first determine the field and the profession, to design the most strategic academic path that allows them to successfully reach the professional field.

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The orientation programs "WHAT TO STUDY" are aimed at 3rd and 4th year ESO students, but they can also be applied to 1st and 2nd year high school students who are not yet clear on what university degree to do.


You can choose to hire the 1st sprint or also the 2nd sprint


Sprint 1

Stage 1. UPLOAD


Stage 3. REPORT


Sprint 2


Stage 3. TOOLS ZQTech

Sprint 1

The first sprint consists of 4 stages, it is carried out in virtual format through teamwork, where the parents, the student and the consultant participate.


Its objective is that the student and the family end up selecting 6 university degrees from the more than 850 existing ones, to then strategically design the academic paths. A similar job for those who opt for training cycle itineraries.




Your child and you parents are given access to upload the information on the ZQTech platform.

Your son / daughter informs in his / her personal area of ​​his / her sporting, artistic, language or computer merits, academic record, makes a 360º assessment by invitation and his / her own self-assessment.

This activity will be done at home and should take 1h.

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After the Upload part, a meeting is agreed where you, your child and you the parents participate. The meeting follows the guidelines of the Avatar methodology and the ZQtech tool will be used, which will allow the family to make decisions. During the meeting:


  1. The consultant audits the Upload information.

  2. Parents and student advised by the consultant, agree on the strengths and professional DNA of the student.

  3. Parents and student advised by the consultant will be able to choose the best professional fields and the best professions according to the professional DNA of their child. From that moment on, the academic strategy is carried out through simulations of university access grades, future academic metrics, necessary access grade compared to the cutoff grade, and the electives and the most strategic high school are also decided.


This meeting lasts 90 minutes.




The consultant creates the report in digital format and shares with the student and family. The report includes all the strategies taken in the meeting and consists of 4 sections:


  1. Talent, where all the strengths of the student and their 360º appear

  2. Career plans: Where the 6 chosen plans appear with: field, profession, university degree, national universities, access marks, projected mark, high school degrees, electives and international universities.

  3. Personal improvement, where the skills that the 360º participants propose to improve appear

  4. Future, to understand what the professions of the future will be like.


The report is automatically updated every time there are changes in the cut-off marks or in the universities.


View a report

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The objective of this meeting is to choose 1 of the 6 career plans chosen in stage 2 and then allow you to focus on choosing "where to study"


At this meeting, options such as double degrees can be reassessed.


If the chosen itinerary is modified, the report is updated again.


This meeting lasts 60 minutes

Sprint 2

The objective of the second sprint is to accompany the family and the student through a permanent consulting service, so that they feel accompanied at all times. This second sprint consists of 2 stages and is carried out in virtual format.



Parents and students can contact their consultant through their personal area whenever they want, to solve doubts or discuss topics they want to know.

In turn, the consultant follows them up and shares strategic information from Insights and of interest to them.


Families can optionally arrange specific meetings with their consultant



You will have at your disposal technological tools in orientation where you will find:


  • Notes: Your child can continue to update their academic itinerary to do simulations of university access grades.

  • Electives and selectivity simulator, where you can see if you are in line to get the desired access grade.

  • Enrollment simulator, where you can decide which degrees and which universities you would like to apply for. The system notifies them when the registrations are already open as well as the place where they should be made.

  • Search for careers and universities, where you can see all the existing offer by career and university.

  • Search engine for training cycles where you can see all the existing offer of CFGM and CFGS and the institutes that teach it.

  • Zenit, to be able to contact a university mentor and ask about his career or with a professional mentor to ask about his profession.

  • Chat and access to the consultant's agenda.

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For more information call +376737070 , send an email to or schedule a video call in our virtual office by clicking here

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