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Recycle or Reinvent

This 30-hour training is aimed at companies and professionals who have already participated in the “Unconscious Incompetence” snack.

It has the objective of helping the professional to see the change as an opportunity and, at the same time, to allow it to reflect about recycling or reinventing itself in its professional future.

For this, a program based on 4 blocks is established:

  • Block 1. My talent

  • Block 2. My professional fit

  • Block 3. The 3 determining factors in the business world of the future.

  1. The technology

  2. Environmental awareness

  3. Human leadership

  • Block 4. The 10 work skills according to the Phoenix Institute Research - University of Arizona.

  1. Sensemaking

  2. Social Intelligence

  3. Innovation and adaptation

  4. Intercultural competences

  5. Computational thinking

  6. Multimedia Culture

  7. Transdisciplinarity

  8. Design ability

  9. Critical cognitive ability

  10. Virtual collaboration


This training invites, in a more decisive way, the professional to decide if he is recycled or reinvented.

From that decision, the professional generally acquires knowledge of each of the skills that will be required regardless of their future profession.


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