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The time is now!

How and to what extent will technological progress impact each company depend on its business activity?

This uniqueness of each company means that this training is custom designed in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources, where the set of competencies, which are the most strategic for the company, are identified and analyzed.

This selection will allow us to design a personalized training mix for the technification of each competition, where 10 hours will be invested.

The objective is to technify the professionals of the company so that they acquire the most strategic skills for the future and, help them to be as competitive as possible.

A personalized mix based on the following skills:

  1. The technology

  2. Environmental awareness

  3. Human leadership

  4. Sensemaking

  5. Social Intelligence

  6. Innovation and adaptation

  7. Intercultural competences

  8. Computational thinking

  9. Multimedia Culture

  10. Transdisciplinarity

  11. Design ability

  12. Critical cognitive ability

  13. Virtual collaboration

Preparing professionals and teams in future aspects, allows companies to move forward to be competitive and mark their difference from the competition.


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