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The professional at the center of the organization

Prepare professionals and teams in high performance.

Increasingly, observatories determine that placing the employee at the center of business activity will provide the greatest competitive differential.

Technological advancement has further accelerated the business world. What was previously planned with a horizon of 3 years, now is planned in 6 months.

Where previously teams prepared for “ultra-marathon” endurance projects were needed, today teams capable of doing short projects at high speed, “sprints” are required. The future is speed.

The program is intended for companies that have passed the previous stages of training, the purpose of which is to go one step further and train their strategic professionals in High Performance

For this, the company will choose a group of professionals or managers whom it wants to train in high performance. This group will become a team that will compete with other teams from other companies from Friday to Sunday, with the aim of finding the best solution to a future business challenge.

Each challenge will be raised by a multinational from another sector and led by executives from the company itself. The program will give the award to the best team and the High Performance title to the other participating teams and professionals.


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