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Almost half of recent graduates do not find a job until 3 years after graduating . The reason is that having a university degree or mastering the English language no longer makes you different. They are one more.

On the academic path that will lead a student to become a successful professional, they must work on 3 fundamental aspects to build a differential curriculum:

1. Its attributes , what if or if it should have. At this point we find university degrees and English.

2. His differentials, what he has and not many others have. At this point we find prestigious universities,

internationalization, technology and languages.

3. Its spearhead , what makes it unique. At this point we find the Personal skills, the Work skills and the Personal


The competence technification programs are programs that prepare students to build their Punta de Lanza, the one that will help them achieve academic success and quickly penetrate the professional field in a differential way.


International Stage in Competency Technification and Personal Brand in ANDORRA

From July 4 to 17

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