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International Stage of Competencial Technification and Personal Brand

Families / SITCOMP

SITCOMP are International Stays of Competency Technification and Personal Brand that are intended for students of 4th year of ESO and 1st and 2nd year of High School.

The objective is to train students in the Work Skills of the future and make their Personal Brand, in an international environment, aspects that will be shown as a great differential in their academic and professional future.

The stays are of 13 days where they will work:

During the week

  1. Through micro-challenges for the future, posed by multinational companies and led by managers, students will work on the Works Skills of the future in a real environment.

  2. I work on Personal Branding, in a real environment and led by expert professionals.

Weekends . Free and leisure activities.

The stays take place in the Principality of Andorra , considered one of the safest countries in the world . The students will be in full regime, in residences and first class hotels.

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  • Human Leadership : To develop skills in an increasingly technological world where people will be the axis of humanity.

  • Change activists : Develop skills that allow a more sustainable, fair and caring vision of the world.

  • Social entrepreneurship : To create business models with social benefit in mind.

  • Equality Ambassadors : To promote equal opportunities among people.

  • The new normal : To acquire skills that allow you to face a future VUCA.




  • Personal image : Acquire clothing techniques and personal image adapted to a professional environment.

  • Digital image : How to acquire knowledge of the domain of an effective digital image through RRSS.

  • Protocol : To know how to act appropriately in social and professional environments.

  • Communication : To acquire empathic communication skills and non-verbal communication.

  • Healthy livestyle : Sports, health and food for the nomad of the 21st century.

Some of the participating companies in other editions

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