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Ester Morros

Zeno Quantum Marketing and Communications Manager

ZQtech, is the most advanced scientific and technological tool in the field of orientation. It uses algorithms and artificial intelligence as engines and incorporates predictive and descriptive analysis systems. Designed for decision making.

  • ZQtech allows you to make the programs: MeStudent, MeTutor and MeTalent.

  • Our programs make the work of counselors easier and allow them to focus on what is truly important: their students.

  • Our tools have guided more than 50,000 students and the results are that 100% study what was proposed during the process.


Niños en la escuela

MeStudent is a guidance tutoring program for 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd year students.


Allows the tutor to guide the student in his self-orientation. You can perform scenarios of future grades using predictive analysis and compare it with the cut-off grades of all universities. You can know the weights of all communities for each grade. You can find out about your strengths and your professional DNA through a 360º by invitation, and through descriptive analysis, find out in which fields and professions you fit best. You can access all the training cycles and university degrees, know the synopsis of the degree and professional opportunities and you can also find out about all the training that exists by field, see in which centers or universities they are taught and make pre-registration lists.


MeTutor is a personalized orientation program, aimed at students of 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd high school, which allows the tutor to be the leader of the orientation process, where the student and their parents will participate.


You will share with the family in a sequential way all the information that appears in MeStudent, in addition to having access to Snitch Tech, a tool that extracts student information in a personalized way to share it with the family.



Alumnos de colegio

MeTalent is a guidance tutoring program for 1st, 2nd and 3rd ESO students. It allows the tutor to do tutorials for orientation, which make students from self-knowledge know in which branches of knowledge their talent fits best. The program contains a master class, role playing activities and self-assessment.

Programs for families

From our brand MeOrienta we have 2 programsori entation aimed at students of 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd year of high school, which you can offer your students and families optionally.

Tiempo de calidad familiar


It is a program led by counselors from the MeOrienta team that allows a student and their family to establish the best strategies for studying in Spain.

It is a program created in collaboration with EF Education First, led by counselors from the MeOrienta team that allows a student and their family to establish the best strategies to study among 80 countries around the world, and ensure that they will enter one of the universities of their choice.

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