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EPF International Orientation

Strategies for the professional of the future

The EPF meorienta program in which your son/daugther have participated has taught them that his future goes beyond choosing high school electives and that there is a much more complex strategy than choosing a degree from his city's university.


Now you know the network of decisions he/she will has to face until they enter university, and the achievements he/she must have made to reach the professional world differentially.


If we look to the future, the incorporation of your son/daughter into the professional world will largely depend on their differentials, what the company that wants to hire them will value from their CV.


The biggest differentials they can work on is their internationality, showing them as an international person ready for a global world.


Since today you continue to work on the future of your son/daughter, why don't we open the zoom and work on designing their best plan, which also includes the evaluation of an international project?


The EPF International Orientation tries to decide on a career plan to explore the best country and the best university to study at a global, European or national level. This study provides the family with all the necessary information to be able to apply to the best university for their child.


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