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Meorienta CPF Program

Building the professional of the future

The CPF program is a permanent accompaniment and professional orientation program for high school students who have previously completed the EPF program.

The main objective of the program is to help the student and their family in the difficult decision of choosing one of the 8 career plans proposed in the EPF program.

The program is divided into two stages:

  • CPF1. For students in 1st baccalaureate in which, out of the 8 proposals, it will be chosen the 4 most attractive for the student and the family.

  • CPF2. For students in 2nd baccalaureate in which they will go from the 4 DPF1 proposals to only one. 

The program allows the consultant to configure a strategy that includes challenges to work in two sections:

  • Technical, through the analysis of the minimum marks needed for each university and degree, metrics and the projections for high school, choice of professions, universities and degrees, electives and types of high school. This section includes monitoring meetings and strategic advice.

  • Personal, through work aimed to improve Work skills and Personal Skills. This section includes participation in webinars led by experts.


CPF is a program of Meorienta brand ( owned by Zeno Quantum.


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