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EPF International Career Plan

Strategies for the professional of the future

The EPF international orientation program has allowed their families to know what is the best career plan for their son that will place him in a different professional field in a few years.


At this point where we are, the strategy is decided, now we must take action.


To carry out the international career plan of each student, the school must monitor the academic achievements of each one on a quarterly basis, allowing it to compare them with the established grade objectives, in accordance with selectivity or with the minimum required at the level. of subject by the university. You should also assess when to start work on preparing for the SAT-type exams, if your plan is American. You should assess the level of languages ​​so that they are not a problem in admission, in international plans, or start creating motivation letters and letters of recommendation, in addition to all the documentation that will be required in the registration. According to the plan, you must make a pre-selection of 8 degrees and universities, so that they take it into account in the distribution of places. You must prepare well for the selectivity, if the career plan is through national universities, regardless of whether they are public or private.



You must apply within the correct time frames so that the wish is fulfilled and accepted at the chosen university. The registration period for international projects, that of national private universities and that of public ones, are different.


And once accepted at the university, someone must schedule the student's stay where they are going to study: where to reside, how to get there and how to travel, passport and visas, how to open a bank account, how to transfer money, insurance , health, etc.


You can develop the plan yourself or you can let us help you.


Zeno Quantum provides the center with specialist managers who monitor the student's academic achievements, compare them with the marks set, coordinate the stages, manage the documentation, carry out all the formalities until enrollment in the selected university and prepare all the aspects approach in terms of residences, travel, visas, etc.

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