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Are you a professional who is dedicated to professional orientation? Are you a teacher, tutor, coach or a person who has a vocation to help others and want to turn your passion into your profession?

Would you like to work as a CONSULTANT in professional orientation and dedicate yourself professionally to advising students and families on strategies for their academic and professional future?

Every year 1,350,000 students decide what to study without having the advice of an expert consultant. Of these, 75% decide for passion, something like: if he likes video games he will study to be a programmer. The other 25% do it by condition, if he is good at science he will study medicine or if his father is a lawyer, he will study law.

Most parents are unaware of the importance of the decisions their children are making at just 15 years old. The main objective of higher education is to work from what he has been trained. If you are trained as a Journalist, you will not work as a telecommunications engineer. The challenge is not to earn money, but to be happy in life where the profession is the engine. Working as a doctor, engineer or lawyer determines not only the field or profession, but also personal life, economy, friendships or the future social environment.

Decide without conscious thought to do a bachelor or a training cycle can unknowingly distance you from your best future.

If the current statistics are not hard enough (47% of the students drop out of the degree, 74% the training cycle and 23% the high school), the future is not going to be better. Of those who complete the training, 4 out of 10 will have a degree of a profession that will have disappeared according to the University of Arizona, which predicts that 50% of the professions will disappear in the coming years due to robotization and computerization.

Never before the future has been so uncertain, nor has the help of an expert professional orientation consultant, who advises students and their families on future strategies and accompanying them along the academic path until they successfully reach the professional field, been so important.

Zeno Quantum has a program to train and certify expert consultants in the professional orientation field:

  1. Online training in consulting for academic and professional orientation. 60h

  2. Internship, certification and professional consultant title. 20h


In addition, if you want to dedicate yourself professionally, Meorienta gives you access to ZQtech, the world's most advanced scientific-technological orientation tool, from where you can carry out processes and reports professionally.



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