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Meorienta CPF Program 

Building the professional of the future

Educational Centers / Meorienta CPF

The CPF program is an advisory and support program for high school students who want to design their personal project until they reach university, where destinations worldwide are included.

If we look to the future, the incorporation of this student to the professional world will largely depend on his differentials , what the company that wants to hire him will value from his curriculum.

The biggest differentials you can work on is your internationality , which shows you as an international staff prepared for a global world.

This aspect will also define you as a person with autonomy, determination and courage, with the ability to travel, to work in multidisciplinary teams, with people from other countries, other cultures or other languages. In that sense, evaluating an international career at this point makes perfect sense.

The program is divided into two stages:

1- Study of the personal project, where the family profile and the professional academic profile of the student will be taken into account, which allows choosing the best plan.

2- Choose the plan: Depending on the project, choose between the 3 available: World, Europe, Spain

Since today you are helping your students build that future,

Why don't we propose to your family to zoom in and work together to design the best plan for your students, which also includes the assessment of an international project?


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