ZENO QUANTUM is a consultancy firm with international presence that works from the field of R + D + i, in the creation of programs aimed at building the professional of the future.

It has an observatory that through a research work analyses the professional world from two aspects

  1. The current professional world. Using advanced technological tools, the Zeno Quantum Observatory analyses hundreds of job offers that are published daily, to configure professional patterns that allow the identification and comparison of the professional profile of each student.

  2. The professional world of the future. By analysing professional trends and the impact of technological evolution, it is possible to predict which professions will exist in the future.

It has a scientific committee made up of experts from the 16 professional fields who, after the research work, validate each professional pattern and each trend, an aspect that helps the product department to develop disruptive programs.

It also has a team that works in the field of technology where ZQtech has been created, the most advanced tool in the world in the field of professional guidance consulting.

The product department develops programs in the field of orientation and training for families, consultants, schools and companies.

Innovative and disruptive programs, based on the conviction that society faces totally new challenges and that force people to do things in a totally different way than they have been done up to now.

In the age of technology, we can’t think of tools from the past.

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