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Zeno Quantum

We are the only company specialized in two interconnected universes:

  • We guide and accompany students until they become the professional of the future

  • We help companies design and access their ideal employee

Zeno Quantum defines its company heart in 3 fields:

Investigation: We analyze the professional trends of the future to imagine the professional future that is yet to come. Work that we carry out in collaboration with our Scientific Committee. We analyze the current professions, extract the professional profile of each one and link the training itineraries: degrees, double degrees or training cycles, universities, cut-off marks or average admission marks. We guide students to centers and universities in Spain and Andorra, and also to 80 countries worldwide.

Science: We establish a scientific methodology that allows guiding a student and their parents. A process that has the experience of  years and more than 50,000 orientations.

Technology: We have the only technological tool in the world designed so that a counselor can guide individually and uniquely. We have tools that allow a student to connect with professional mentors to learn about their future profession before choosing higher education.


We are the leading company in the development of tools  predictive analytics for decision making in the field of  orientation .


Tools  based on  

science ,  technology and research.

We have more than 10 years of experience and our tools have helped more than 45,000 students to decide their future.  

We help group counselors and educational centers of reference. 

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