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International orientation EPF program

Strategies for the professional of the future

Experts determine that we are heading towards an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous VUCA future. This is confirmed by the University of Oxford, which predicts that up to 50% of the professions will disappear in the next 10 years.


However the present is not easier. Only 30% of recent graduates find work in the first year. The main reason is that today, having a university degree does not differentiate one person from the rest. You are one more.


The answer to VUCA is called OPPORTUNITY. The more differentials a student has in their curriculum when they enter the professional world, the more opportunities they will have to obtain the job they want and for which they have been trained.


Future opportunities that try to have Internationality, languages, access prestigious universities or make differential degrees.


However, their students and families dismiss opportunities for not knowing them.


The great difference from an exclusive school is its ability to create opportunities for its students and families.


Since today he continues to work on the future of his students, why don't we open up opportunities and work on designing a plan for the future that includes the evaluation of an international project?


With the EPF International Orientation Program, your school has it easy: we assign an expert consultant to work for your students and families as if they were their own.


You get a differential program, which will not burden your teachers or counselors with work and which will nevertheless bring many benefits and advantages to the school.


Get more information with Miguel Ángel at or at +34 620 92 46 44 (Spain) or at +376 62 50 50 (International) and let us propose a tailor-made program.

Help your students by offering them every opportunity to become professionals in the world.

This is your school's international orientation program

First, a pre-scoring is carried out , where the family introduces essential information so that a consultant can carry out a prior feasibility study. If the study shows that there are real possibilities, the program starts

An international orientation process consists of 3 steps and can be done in person or online

  1. Diagnosis:

    • This section profile of the student and family to start the study is defined. Aspects such as destination countries, universities, university degrees or the personal profile of the student and family, the financial budget, scholarships or languages, among others, are discussed.

    • This meeting lasts approximately 2 hours

  2. Study:

    • With all the information, the consultant performs a worldwide search for the destinations and universities that best suit the student and the family and prepares a report.

  3. Report international career:

    • In a meeting the consultant explains and delivers the report with all the detailed information of all the plans he has found.

    • This meeting lasts 2 hours.


We explain what the program consists of

Internationally oriented programs

They can choose between 3 programs.


The Spain program where the best universities in Spain will be reviewed based on the university degree chosen.


The Europe program, a study is made at the European level of the best countries and universities.


The World where the best plans worldwide are sought for the student and their family.

Start your PRE-SCORING for free

Get more information with Miguel Ángel at , at +34 620 92 46 44 (Spain) or at +376 62 50 50 (International) and let us propose a tailor-made program.

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