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EPF orientation program

Strategies for the professional of the future

Become an orientator consultant and help young people decide their future.

In just 3 steps:





Train yourself and master the following sections:

  • What will be the professions and the professional of the future.

  • How the future VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) will affect young people.

  • Identify the most threatened professions

  • Know the professions of the future.

  • What will the university of the future be like?

  • In addition to ensuring knowledge of current academic itineraries.





Become certified as an expert orientator consultant.


You will practice in orientation processes with students and parents in real, supervised by a trainer where:


  1. You will see how the trainer does it.

  2. You will share processes with your trainer.

  3. You will acquire autonomy to carry out processes yourself with the supervision of your trainer.




Get a professional license and use ZQTech to work as an individual orientator


  • We create your virtual office where you can carry out orientation processes.




PFConsulting is a training program that aims to professionalize you as an expert guidance consultant so that you can develop processes for your private clients.


It is aimed at:

  • Orientator counsellors.

  • Tutors and teachers.

  • Psychologists and psychopedagogues.

  • Human resources technicians.

  • Anyone who has training or experience and wants to dedicate himself professionally.


* It is not essential to be a psychologist to train as a orientator

Ancla 1

We customize your training. The standard training is 30h, however tell us how much time you have and we will adapt the content.

Price and what you will get:

  • Price: € 495. Includes customization of training.

  • Knowledge at the expert consultant level on future orientation

  • Access to PConsultant to obtain the title of expert consultant

  • Accrediting Diploma

You can consult Miguel Ángel at or at +34 620 92 46 44 (Spain) or at +376 62 50 50 (International) the best training plan for you.


In a hands-on environment with real students and parents and supervised by an expert trainer, you will be able to apply the knowledge gained from the PFConsulting training. Your trainer will validate and certify your knowledge to qualify as an expert orientator.


During the practices you will:

  • Guidance processes for students and parents in real through the ZQTech platform, the most advanced tool in academic guidance.

Ancla 2

Minimum of 18 hours of practice to obtain the certification.

You will have additional packs of 6 hours of practice. Only if you need it.

Price and what you will get:


  • Price: € 300 / pack of 6 hours.

  • You will obtain a degree that will certify you as a career guidance consultant and that will enable you to develop individual orientation programs.



Expand with Miguel Ángel at  or at +34 620 92 46 44 (Spain) or +376 62 50 50 (International) how to get the certification.

What you will do in an orientation process

Ancla 3

An orientation process consists of 2 stages and can be done face-to-face or online


  1. Upload: Introduction of student information in the ZQTech platform:

    • The student informs in his personal area of ​​his sporting, artistic, language or computer merits, academic record, 360º assessment by invitation and self-assessment.

    • To carry out this process the student needs 1h and does it from home.

  2. Consultancy for orientation:

    • The student and parents participate in a meeting. The guidelines of the methodology are followed by the ZQtech tool. The information is audited, the student's professional DNA is created, the DNA is compared with the 16 fields and 1,300 professions, where the family will decide some of them, the academic itineraries such as degrees or training cycles and universities are then designed. They analyze scenarios of elective subjects of the selectivity, entrance notes, electives of the baccalaureate and projection of a future curriculum. The report is created and shared with the student and family automatically.

    • This meeting lasts 1 hour.



Orientation programs

In order to carry out orientation processes for individuals, you must acquire a professional license.


The price of a professional license is € 1,500.


Will get:


  • Access to your office within ZQTech to conduct orientation programs.

  • We will advise you on how to market the services to your clients.

  • We will give you instructions on how your office should be, face-to-face or virtual.

  • You will obtain significant financial benefits for making orientations to individuals.


Consult with Miguel Ángel how to dedicate yourself professionally as an orientation consultant,

at or at +34 620 92 46 44 (Spain) or +376 62 50 50 (International)

Ancla 4

ZQTech Tool

View a report

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