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MeOrienta Program

The objective of the MeOrienta program is to go from 1,300 professions to 1 in two phases through  decision-making on the most strategic itineraries.



We know all the doubts you have and we have the solution

We develop science that allows us to have the most successful methodology in the field of orientation.


  • We are 100% successful.


We develop technological tools that work through algorithms and artificial intelligence.


  • In the age of technology, we cannot continue to use the tests of the past.


We have expert consultants who advise students and families in making decisions about: What and where to study.

  • We are experts in educational systems: Andorran, Spanish, English, IB.

We do blended orientation programs, where our consultants share all of our science and technology with families.


  • Technology helps, but people make the decisions .


We carry out orientation processes for our particular public and we also design orientation programs for educational centers.

  • We make the difficult simple and easy.


If you are an individual who wants to know more, click here .


If you are an educational center that you want to know, how could an orientation program be in your school, contact here .

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