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I don’t know I don’t know

This 2-hour training snack based on the 4 pillars of change, is aimed at companies and professionals.

The objective is, through Open Mind work, to educate the professional to initiate the change that will lead him to his professional future.

The training revolves around the 4 pillars of change:

  1. Unconscious incompetence. I don't know I don't know.

  2. Conscious incompetence. Now I know I don't know

  3. Conscious competence. I must improve what I know now.

  4. Unconscious competence. I automatically do what I know.


And you must get the professional to consider the decision between 2 future professional itineraries:

  1. If the decision is to evolve to continue your current profession, you must acquire skills in Reskilling.

  2. If, on the contrary, the decision is to start a new professional career, you must acquire new Upskilling skills.


This decision makes it easier for the employer and the manager to anticipate future events, helping their professionals to become aware that they must initiate adaptation or change initiatives.


Technology and robotization are envisioned as the engine of change, and will impact most of the professions of the future. Observatories such as the University of Oxford or the World Economic Forum warn that up to 50% of the professions will disappear in the coming years due to robotization and computerization.

The Environment and Humanity are defined as the rules of the game of the business future, forcing companies and professionals to acquire a level of consciousness and humanism different from the current one . Companies, leaders and professionals will have to be committed to sustainability and people.



Zeno Quantum works on building the ideal professional for your company in 4 stages:


1. From Zenit company you will be able to determine how you want your professional of the future to be, transfer that information to the quarry, thousands of students who  They are on the path of being the professionals of the future, and knowing where they are and what achievements each one has. Create your ideal professional of the future, access the quarry and connect with thousands of students.  

  •   Click here and access this service for free.  


2. You will be able to know the fit that each one of the professionals of your staff has with the ideal professional of the future, and that allows you to design and propose your new personnel strategy.

  • We advise you. Click here

3. You will be able to work on your strategic employees, which allows them to make the change to become your ideal professional of the future.  

  • We have training programs on unconscious incompetence. Here .


Four.  You can invest in your current employee, training him to get the technical knowledge for his profession of the future and for his personal improvement, in aspects such as  ambassador for equality or activists for change.  

  • We have bootcamps and skills training programs and personal branding. Here .



We can surely help you establish the strategies of your ideal employees of the future, which will allow your company to achieve all its business challenges. Contact here

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