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Programa EPF meorienta

Strategies for the professional of the future

The EPF MEORIENTA program is an orientation program that allows a consultant, through strategic advice, to help students and families choose higher education.

Entrepreneurially, it provides a great differential and exclusivity that contribute to the educational excellence of the center.

Pedagogically, it has the courage to guide students, establishing future strategies, towards a professional world that is yet to be invented.

The objective is to make a number of proposals available to the family that will allow them to make a decision. The program and reports simplify the nearly 1,300 training courses that exist, between university degrees and training cycles, to 8 proposals.

The program can be done in person or virtual. In the design of the program, the user experience has been taken into account.

The program consists of 5 sections:

  • Coordination of the program with the school

  • Presentation to students and families

  • Information introduction session on the ZQtech platform

  • Interviews with students, parents and tutors

  • Analysis, creation and delivery of reports

The programs can be developed by Zeno Quantum consultants or counselors from the school itself, previously they have been trained. (*)

The ZQtech tool is available for educational systems: Spanish, Andorran and International English. It generates reports in 4 languages: Spanish, Catalan, Basque and English.




(*) See also PFConsulting or PCosultant


Meorienta is the brand of orientation programs in schools, owned by Zeno Quantum.

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