The Zeno Quantum observatory analyzes the professional future and identifies 3 fundamental aspects that will condition companies and professionals:

  1. The Technology

  2. The Environment

  3. The Humanity

Technology is seen as the engine of change and will impact in most of the professions of the future. Observatories such as the one at Oxford University or the World Economic Forum, warn that up to 50% of professions will disappear in the coming years due to robotization and computerization.

The Environment and Humanity are defined as the rules of the game for the business future, forcing companies and professionals to acquire a different level of consciousness than the current one. Companies, leaders and professionals will have to be committed to sustainability and people.

At the point where we are, companies and professionals must start the process of changing to the new normal:

  • The unconscious incompetence, where the professional acquires consciousness and internalizes what technology is going to affect in all probability in his professional future and must initiate the change to the new normality.

  • Upskilling & Reskilling, allow professionals to retrain themselves in the evolution of their current profession or acquire new skills to start a new professional career. It will be key in the professional future to acquire transversal skills in the 10 work skills and also in human leadership and environmental awareness . 

  • Competency Technification, allows the professional to deepen, at the technification level, in the knowledge of each of the 10 + 3 skills of the most strategic future for the company.

  • High Performance, allows companies to select and prepare high performance professionals and groups.

Unconscious incompetence



Competency Technification

High Performance

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